Ultimate MMA Simulator

Ultimate MMA Simulator 2.0

Ultimate MMA Simulatoris a text-based freeware simulation engine (See all)

UMS is the Ultimate MMA Simulator, a text-based freeware sim engine for making Mixed Martial Arts fights.
Ultimate MMA Simulator is a game of simulation of totally gratuitous hands-to-hand combat and of opened code with which you will be able to create your own confrontations with the fighters who you choose. Everything is based on the abilities of the combatants, who will fight each one faithful to their style of fight, with the parameters previously introduced to each one.
The game will allow you to create new events, combats and fighters, being totally personalizeable in this aspect and being regulated the abilities and options when it is necessary. If you like the combats and you want to remove the maximum party to your knowledge, Ultimate MMA Simulator will provide the tools to you necessary to enjoy the hands-to-hand combat.

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